How Kiwis for kiwi used Google Ad Grants to boost web traffic by 105%


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February 12, 2018

(Kiwis for Kiwi is not a client of Web 105. But we heard about their story and wanted to share it)

New Zealand NFP was able to successfully apply for Google’s $10,000 a month AdWords Grant and were able to increase their web traffic by 105%.

Kiwis for kiwi (KFK) is an NFP in New Zealand that supports the mission to protect kiwis and their natural habitat. They provide resources (including funding) to kiwi conservation projects and strive to increase public awareness of the endangered kiwi.

Their need for the grant stemmed the issue that while they had a loyal following, they needed to spread their message to a wider audience. This is when they turned to Google Ad Grants to generate web traffic and get more people to see what KFK was all about.

They decided to work closely with an advertising agency to ensure they got the most out of their Ad Grant. They split their account into into 3 campaigns (Education, Brand Awareness and How to get involved) which reflected the different goals they wanted to achieve online.

Within just the first month, they had 12,000 visitors (an all time high for them), which was an increase of 105% from prior months. Over the next seven months, they continued to grow their web traffic by 25% and Google Adwords now accounts for 80% of their total visitors.

Kiwis for kiwi are now looking to improve their conversion rates and increase the number of donations being brought in by AdWords traffic.

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