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February 23, 2018

Web 105 recently developed the Sydney Neurosurgeon (shortened as SN hereafter) website for Dr. Nicholas Little.

As always, we worked closely with SN to create a website that was aligned with what they wanted to achieve online.

Sydney Neurosurgeon’s new website, designed by Web 105

The Context

SN already had a website, albeit somewhat outdated when they approached us. We were to overhaul the entire website with a new modern design that expressed professionalism.

The challenge was for Web 105 to build a new site that still contained the essential design elements and essence of the old one, while also containing many of the new features and software available today.

Because this was a medical website, we had to ensure information would be clear and easy to find, as this was a critical user experience factor for visitors.

Sydney Neurosurgeon’s old website

Sydney Neurosurgeon’s Requirements

  •   Website should drive enquiries and allow clients to make appointments online (booking and contact form)
  •   Website would need to provide information about surgeries and educate the general public
  •   Provide detailed information about specific services for conditions
  •   Website should provide qualifications and information about Dr. Nicholas Little and other staff members
  •   Website should provide a newsfeed about updates regarding the practice

The Process and Challenges Faced

The overall website design process went along smoothly as we had plenty of resources to work with (provided by the client), and we fully understood what SN requirements.

The key focus was to develop a modernised, professionally designed website that was also mobile friendly.

SN’s old website was developed a long time ago when mobile responsiveness wasn’t of critical importance.

However, in the current day, where many Australians prefer to browse via mobile devices, we had to make sure that the website would show a different, mobile-responsive version for those accessing via phone.










We also worked closely with the photographer from SN to ensure high quality images would be used and integrated into the overall design of the website.

After completion, SN had some additional requirements and updates which we were happy to oblige and fit this into the new, completed website.

In Conclusion

Overall, the Sydney Neurosurgeon website was a great project to work on and we are proud of the design (our client is also very happy with the results).

Lastly, Dr. Nicholas Little and his team were a delight to work with and we’d be ecstatic to do more future projects with them again.

Would you like to update or build a modern website like Sydney Neurosurgeon?

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