The curious case of custom web design and what it actually is… And do you need it these days?


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August 13, 2018

As a business we have a lot of enquiries about custom web design. That’s actually why I’m writing this, it seems simple enough but there’s a lot more to this than you would think.
Personally, I get a lot of emails from offshore asking about whether I would like a new custom web design produced for my business for $10 an hour (yes, we are a web design agency, not very good targeting on their part – it is a broadstrokes strategy!).
But what exactly is custom web design, what do professional businesses and organisations actually want when they ask for their website custom designed, and is it a good description of changing business needs these days, or is it an overused term that has no real meaning these days?

What custom web design means to Web 105

When we are asked for a custom web design, this doesn’t mean a whole lot to us in itself. In fact, it means different things for different people. This could include but not limited to:
-A business that believes design is a very important part of the website process.
-An organisation that has particular ideas about what they want and how they want it.
-Someone who doesn’t just want anything, as they have seen so much rubbishy websites out there. Often this means they see a lot of what they would consider “cheap” websites and they all look the same.
-Our prospective customer has heard about the phrase and assumes it’s something they should be asking for.

All our designs here are custom made

We make all our website designs from scratch, based on the specific client’s requirements.
This could mean a website that is $2,000, $5,000, $15,000, $30,000, or more will be custom designed in any case.
For a custom design, the size doesn’t matter. Honestly. Each website and client is different, their budgets and requirements are even more diverse, and to use a cookie cutter approach will deliver a solution that is the same as everyone else’s. And being the same as everyone else didn’t get too many businesses very far.
So, irrespective of budget, we custom make all our client sites, to their perspectives. Yes, this may mean no champagne on a ginger beer budget, but our unique approach and years of experience provides for an enjoyable, pain free experience.

We’ll deliver a web design that our client will love

What I always discuss with our team, is if the design isn’t 10/10 and we can’t achieve something excellent, then what is the point of us doing the work in the first place?
If it’s not worthy, if it’s not fantastic, if it doesn’t really suit, it needs to be adjusted.
Sometimes a custom design doesn’t mean you get exactly what you want in the first instance. The design evolves based on the client’s feedback, and, what is working and what isn’t. If it ain’t got that joie de vivre then it shouldn’t be launched. Otherwise it’s 2 years of looking at that thing that you don’t really like. Like when your weird relative buys you something you don’t like and you feel obliged to stick it somewhere as to not offend.

How do you choose the right business to do your custom built website design?

I’d be telling a porkie if I said the truth is to choose use. My advice for any service, is to choose a provider who you feel comfortable with. As if you can’t build a great relationship with that provider, you won’t be able to get a great result.
Which is what a great website is all about.
So what are you waiting for?

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