A Stitch in Time Saves Nine- Marketing is the Backbone of NDIS


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August 30, 2020

Marketing is essential for every business that relies on awareness about its services in its particular market. It doesn’t involve just one technique – it is considered a complete toolkit that can be used to achieve the desired goals. Therefore, organizational success depends on marketing, usually – the first few steps of which are research, strategies, and better planning. In the past, marketing was mostly reliant on banners, flyers, TV & Radio commercials, and so on. Today’s ways & means of marketing have improved greatly – for which most of the credit goes to modern technology. Digital marketing has become more popular than the more traditional ways and means of marketing. Even so, no matter what the technique is, the purpose behind it is to increase the awareness about a business in its individual market composed of its customers. 

However, the statistical data leads us to the conclusion that some entrepreneurs don’t give any importance to marketing, and consequently, their business faces some serious obstructions in the workflow. The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) allows service providers to grow by leaps and bounds, for which marketing is an essential and fundamental tool. 

Key Steps for NDIS Marketing

Delaying the steps to promotional and marketing strategies may halter the overall progress of your business, and you may start losing clients. It is better that you should begin marketing campaigns from the very beginning of your business. An important question is how you undertake NDIS marketing – the right answer to it can save you from a lot of extra, unnecessary expenditures. The following steps are recommended to help you start marketing your business: 

Hiring Professional Services 

Try to engage a professional in the marketing field – especially one who is conversant with marketing strategies relating to NDIS marketing services.  Your marketing department should work with the right spirit and strategy, keeping in view your organisation’s mission, vision & values. Set targets for the staff, specify areas of importance and get feedback on the action plan regularly. Generally, NDIS participants are free to choose their service providers; however, you must choose your service provider with consideration for the needs of your customers. More integrity, zest, and discipline in your marketing department will guarantee better success. 

Market Researches and Surveys

Market research is vital for the development of a marketing plan. It will boost up your promotional campaigns and help you better target the market for the sale of goods or services. It is preferable to outsource the job to experienced market researchers or firms. The right marketing strategies play a vital role in mutual relationship building between you and the clients. Since personal contact in the disability sector matters a lot, market research and surveys would help you to a great extent. Therefore, you should plan meetings with participants and their family members as convenient. Ask them to evaluate the service they receive from you, and try to address their grievances as promptly as you can.

Always Put your NDIS Members First

This step is important not just for NDIS organisations but also as a general rule. Organisations must always give priority to their clients in order to succeed. Notably, the NDIS members – due to their diverse range of needs and disabilities – need to be served according to their individual requirements. Therefore, it is important for an NDIS organisation to always ensure that their existing customers are happy. To not look after your current customers means you may risk losing them.  Promise respect and excellent service to disabled and senior citizens living in residential care facilities. Commit to them with your services and terms. 

Be Impartial and to the Point 

There is no denying the fact that we need to be efficient in the time that we spend with customers, but their satisfaction should be our prime concern. Therefore, you should keep it in mind to be committed to clients and realise that others can’t extend the same kind of concern to them. Clearly and consistently provide services to your customers, and don’t discriminate in your dealings. Try to communicate simply and positively to avoid any kind of friction in your business dealings later on. 

Make Sure you Know the Market 

Choosing a specific market to work with and understanding the same will help you provide a high quality of service that is relevant. Understanding how your customers behave and treating them in the best way possible is imperative for all kinds of businesses. Break down your target market into areas of focus on the basis of demographics – age, the type of their needs, their disability type, income, and gender.

Capture your Market with the Ability

To capture the NDIS market, you and your clients must be on the same page. You should know the priorities of your existing customers and share the maximum information with them. Ask them directly about their options, like choosing a healthcare provider. Find out the necessities of your current and potential clients as it will help you provide them with services and packages in a better way. Furthermore, facilitate your clients in their decision-making positively to gain their trust for the future. 

Make a Clear Offer 

The ambiguous or misleading offers won’t last for long and could have negative impacts. Therefore, you should be straight-forward, and your deal should be explicit. This will create a strong bond of trust between you and your client. 

Register your Profile on MyAged Care and Myplace NDIS Provider Portal

If you are planning to start a business as a care provider for the NDIS market, get yourself registered on the government portal as a first step. 

The elderly will approach you for home support services via the MyAged Care website. Therefore, your profile should contain accurate, relevant & updated information about the services you offer through MyAged care.

Similarly, Myplace NDIS portal is an essential gadget for the Providers dealing in disability services.  Therefore, your maximum focus should be on your target audiences and stakeholders that are looking for an option and are going to be your potential customers. 

Make Sure that your Clients get Services as Convenient

As discussed earlier, you should satisfy your clients with improved, cohesive, and consistent services. Your success depends only on dispensing your duties in a way that your client finds convenient. 

Must have a Responsive Website for better User Experience

Update your information regularly. Make sure that your website is responsive and has minimum loading time.  This experience is the most important for most of the clients who visit the site to research your profile as a renowned service provider. Globally, clients approach businesses through android mobile devices. It is the need of the hour that your website must be mobile responsive. Moreover, the design of the website should be highly attractive, and the navigation should not be complicated and kept very simple to avoid any inconvenience. 

Keep Yourself Up to date with the latest Researches

Research is a regular activity; an abnormally or unusually lengthy gap in your research activities can roll back all the efforts you made in the past. Therefore, extend a significant portion of your budget on the research work to know everything from the clients (current and the expected) about your dealing, packages and get new ideas from them. Update your clients about the best opportunities coming ahead, and stay connected with them. 

Learn from Negative Feedbacks

Keep your marketing feedback under close watch to know whether the efforts you are investing in the campaigns are actually turning some benefits for you. Negative feedback is usually an unavoidable part of the business marketing campaign, and you will receive negative remarks or feedback as well. It is not easy to tackle the adverse comments, but the same will guide you as to how you can improve in the areas where you may have certain shortcomings. However, you need to play a diplomatic role in erasing the negative feedback, and at the same time, keeping your focus in a positive direction. 

Contemporary Situation due to COVID-19

The ongoing shockwave of coronavirus has affected the entire world adversely, but despite lockdown, you should not stop going about your business activities. You can’t defer your business routine until the virus ends ultimately – it may create a workflow and productivity gap that you may not be able to overcome easily. Hopefully, you would continue working steadily in a smart way in collaboration with the NDIS marketplace.  In case you are a healthcare provider, don’t waste your time, especially at this stage when the disabled and old age people need your help more than ever. There isn’t anything to fret about as the NDIS has a flexible approach to affiliates during the pandemic. Changes as notified on 21st March 2020 and 27th April 2020 are of great importance and in the mutual interest of the healthcare providers and the participants both. 

Bottom Line

The core and crux of the whole article are that marketing is an essential part of not only the NDIS organisations but also the others. Therefore, you should undertake marketing efforts as soon as possible because: “A stitch in time saves nine”.