Non Profit Success Story – Making an Effective Event Fundraiser Website


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February 19, 2019

A website can help greatly in promoting an event, getting ticket sales and providing important information that is accessible by anyone. This is exactly what one of our recent clients asked for; a website to support and accompany existing promotional content for their upcoming event.

The main objectives of this project were:

  •   Creating an event website where viewers can buy tickets or donate.
  •   Making event management and promotion easy for the event organiser.
  •   Replicating existing promotional content accurately.


The tools we used included:

  •   WordPress
  •   Divi Theme
  •   EventBrite
  •   Mailchimp


So how did we create an effective, successful event website that lived up to our customer’s expectations? Learn more below.

A website that was consistent with promotional content:

When creating and promoting an event, it is important that all promotional content matches. This builds a consistent brand or style that people will recognise from afar.

Upon receiving the project briefing, we researched what fonts, colour schemes and content had been included on other brochures and flyers. We then accurately integrated these styles and design conventions into the website.


An easy to use interface for event organisers:

Since our client was not experienced when it came to web design or website management, we set up an event management and payment system. This system allowed our client to easily track sales and view analytics on their desktop or mobile devices.

We also used Mailchimp to help our client get the word out to her followers and subscribers. This made the promotion of the event easy and simplified.


A donation-focused web experience:

Since our client’s main goal was to raise funds for a surf life club in her area, we made it easy for viewers to donate to the cause. There were two ways for customers to donate. The first one was with the purchase of a ticket. The second method was through a direct click on a banner, which took users straight to a payment gateway.


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