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June 15, 2017

We are seeking an immediate start for a multi-talented, proactive person who is experienced in website businesses, to join our team.

The key things you’ll need in your DNA to be able to walk straight into this role:

1) Already have a solid technical understanding of and capability with websites.

2) Is really great on the phone and is professionally skilled in client services.

3) Knows how to support clients with their technical problems with websites, email, etc.

4) Can offer amazing first line tech support for customers.

5) Has an excellent memory.

6) You are a coder in your sleep. You code front end, back end, or both.

7) You’re a problem solver – if you don’t know the answer you’ll proactively find it.

You’ll be working with these technologies:

-LAMP servers
-Windows Servers

You’ll be our first line of contact for clients. You love speaking to people and helping to solve their problems. You will go above and beyond to help clients swiftly to solve their problems, and with your technical expertise you’ll be able to solve many of the issues yourself.

On the days when the phone isn’t running off the hook, you’ll be busy calling clients to check in on them, or coding up a site or undertaking site maintenance.

Ideal skills you’ll possess are:

a) Front end design implementation using original code or building on ready made code such as Divi.
b) Experienced PHP problem solver and coder. Also .NET or ability to learn.
c) Experience coding more complex things such as plugin and API development. You may have a git account for your own projects already.
d) Experienced with ecommerce software such as WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, Shopify.
e) Fullstack development – we’ll give you the instructions and you’ll create a site for us end to end.
f) In depth experience working with servers via cpanel, WHM and Windows Server.

We’re *not* looking for:

-Someone who has limited or no commercial experience in coding.

-Someone who is not excellent with, and passionate about the client service side of the role.

-Someone who doesn’t have an excellent technical capability.

If you have a mini web enterprise of your own, we think you’d be a perfect fit for this role.

This is a contract role, and workload will be based on client demand.

We expect 20+ hours per week will be required as a minimum.

We’d love to develop a long term relationship with you.

You’ll be working from our Surry Hills office, but some work can be done offsite such as that coding you do in your sleep.

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