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March 9, 2012

Is your website content affecting your search engine ranking?

Shopping carts or e-commerce sites frequently have problems attracting visitors and a very common cause is the website owner copying product information directly from a supplier’s website.  I recently came across an example where over 60,000 websites had published a copy of the same product information.

What happens in this situation?

Search engines hate duplicate content.  It costs them money to maintain around a trillion documents in a database. So, when Google sees all this replication, it decides to relegate all but a handful of copies to its supplementary index – it is saving money by this culling process.  The thing is the pages it maintains in its primary database are likely to change as it constantly reviews the web.  The e-commerce site owner who replicates supplier information has trouble keeping track of whether they are even in the primary index.

Here is a video on the subject by Matt Cutts.  Matt is the Google employee in charge of Google’s anti-spam department.  He is widely regarded by the SEO community as Google’s main spokesperson on SEO.

How do I optimize an e-commerce site without rich content?

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