The Importance of Being Digitally Optimized: Why Not For Profits Need To Up Their Website Game


From the perspective of a not-for-profit organisation, having a website is merely a formality. An administrative box to check. A placeholder while precious  time and resources are funnelled elsewhere. However, in this day and age, the world of web design is constantly evolving and if you don’t keep up, you’ll be lost within an ocean of data. So many people and companies have moved online now that it can be difficult to stand out, but with a fully optimised, user friendly website you’ll soon be able to observe how powerful a well-designed website can be. 


Professionally designed websites are particularly attractive for not-for-profits for a number of reasons:


Firstly, most people go online when researching a business or organisation, so websites are not only informative, but they become central to a businesses brand. Missions statements and the goals and beliefs of the organisation can be reflected in the website content- and that content doesn’t have to just be limited to articles. Videos, images and podcasts are just a few of the pieces of content that can be included in a website and used to help keep visitors engaged and interested in your mission. 

Secondly, a well designed website creates a space that will encourage people to engage with your content, learn more about your organisation and even donate to your cause. Poorly designed or outdated content can hurt you as users, particularly millennials, find slower websites, or those that aren’t optimised for mobile use, to be frustrating and unpleasant to use. Not only could a poorly designed website turn away potential contributors, but it could deter visitors who are seeking support or help from your organisation from reaching out and engaging with you. 



Thirdly, a good website is a high quality product that you will continue to reap the benefits of long after you’ve paid the invoice to the web designer. A good website enables you to direct people to particular pieces of content or information. You are able to include links to newsletters, articles, contact and social media details all on a single page and regularly update them as your content changes. Because you can link your content easily, you can also continuously promote and push certain messages with ease. Asking for donations can be as simple as leaving a suggestion at the end of every article or video .

Overall, your whole organisation becomes legitimised as your website is essentially the digital face of your brand, and users are more likely to trust a high quality website. A well designed website that allows you to effectively promote your mission and values, that is well organised and easy to navigate, becomes an effective 24/7 recruiting and fundraising tool. So when time and money are short, you can still rely on your digital resources to keep the ball rolling. 


So what are you waiting for? Talk to Web 105 today about how we can help you improve your not-for-profit website!