$1 Billion worth of donations paid through Paypal – and in the increasing trend of mobile donations


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January 23, 2018

Over the recent holidays (2017), over $1 Billion USD was donated to charities through Paypal – a record high.

This brings the total amount of donations paid through Paypal to $8.5 Billion USD, for just 2017 alone.

Paypal CEO Dan Schulman said:

“While the whole is incredibly inspiring, I am deeply motivated by the parts – by the people all around the world giving $10, $5, maybe even less in some instances, simply because they want to help. Because they see what is happening and say, ‘we can do better’,” Schulman said.

“$1 billion over the holidays and $8.5 billion for the full year are the headlines, but the real magic is in the increments – the individuals and the individual donations of every size that drive the aggregate numbers.”

And according to the Paypal giving tracker, Australians gave $18 Million+ over the holidays, placing the nation 6th in the world for donations during this period.

Colin Baines (Paypal head of enterprise strategy) said:

“Our research and the figures from 2017 show that the trend of online donations, and particularly mobile, is increasing. We’re finding that by providing quick, easy, and secure ways for people to donate to causes they care about, people are more inclined to give back.”

At Web 105, we often talk about the importance of being mobile responsive and here is another strong piece of evidence that shows that many users today prefer to donate via their mobile devices.

Baines also said:

“Research we conducted in December 2017 found that 51 per cent of Australians actually prefer to make donations online, and the PayPal giving tracker found that Australia was sixth in the world for number of people who made charitable donations over the holiday period via PayPal”

Libby Roy, managing director of PayPal Australia urges Australian charities and Non-profits to get mobile ready:

“With a smartphone, charity can now happen anywhere. Gone are the days when charities had to raise money through cheques sent back by mail and rattling collection tins on street corners

Now, by enabling simple mobile-optimised apps and tap and go technology, charities can re-engage with busy, modern Australians who are simply looking for more convenient ways to make a positive impact.”

You can read the full article here: https://probonoaustralia.com.au/news/2018/01/giving-paypal-breaks-1b-threshold/

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