NFP Blogging Tips – How to Write Blogs for a Nonprofit Website


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May 28, 2019

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Why is blogging important for nonprofits?

In 2019, more websites than ever are integrating a blog into their website, and it’s easy to see why. An active blog gives your website a number of benefits. Below are three reasons you should be using a blog on your non-profit company’s website:


1. Good, well-written content helps you look like an expert.

By regularly creating written content for your non-profit organisation’s website, you are sharing your knowledge with visitors. As well as keeping users interested, it gives your website more credibility. The end result is that visitors will see your organisation as experts in the industry and have more trust in your organisation’s mission, goals and services.


2. Blogging is great for your NFP’s social media presence

Blog posts and social media go hand in hand. In fact, many would argue that they are essential to the success of each other. By sharing articles you have written across social networks like Facebook, you are giving your fans and followers something to read as well as reminding them about your mission, goals and expertise.

Consider writing posts about successes and accomplishments your organisation has achieved. These are great for social media because they remind your followers that your organisation is doing great work. This improves your credibility and reputation.


3. Regular posts can improve your NFP organisation’s Google ranking

Google loves to see fresh, unique content. This is because it shows that your website is active and posting new, relevant content. By writing new posts as little as once a month, you are giving Google some fresh content to work with.

What to write blogs about?

Below are some of the most effective topics for nonprofit organisations to blog about:

  • Achievements and milestones – By sharing your progress, you are showing viewers that your organisation is reaching its goals. This gives you more credibility.
  • Success stories – Consider writing a story about how you’ve helped a person, organisation or community. It’s not bragging, it’s reminding readers that their support of your organisation is allowing it to achieve great things. Consider sharing testimonials that other people have written. Readers love to see these.
  • Recent news about industry-related issues – By sharing information and opinions about recent activity in your field, you are establishing yourself as an expert. This gives readers trust in your services.
  • Upcoming events – This one is great for social media sharing.  Let people know about upcoming events that your NFP has organised. This is basically free promotion!


Best practices for nonprofit blog writing:

  • Include images and videos – Images and videos keep your readers interested. Consider sharing a few images showing the success of your organisation to remind viewers that the results are real.
  • Choose an appropriate word count – Blogs with high word counts are considered more useful by Google due to the additional information they include. However, don’t write long blogs for no good reason. Make sure all of the content is relevant and important. Place the most important content first so that your readers can find what they are looking for and don’t get bored.
  • Match your terminology to your audience – Your average Facebook fan may not know the meaning of advanced terminology used in your field. For general posts about upcoming events and achievements, use simple language and explain things clearly so that anyone can understand it. Save complicated phrases and terminology for industry-related content where you can really show off your skills as an expert.
  • Use a call to action – A call to action is something that gets your reader’s attention and asks them to perform an action (eg. donate or subscribe). Your blog should include these without going overboard. A simple call to action at the top and bottom of your page will be more than enough. For more information, read our post on how to generate leads effectively.


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