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April 27, 2012

IE still rules the web but Google is making waves.

Earlier this week, released their findings regarding browser usage around the world. It makes for interesting reading, particularly from a local perspective.

The key points for Australian businesses and web companies are:

  1. IE still has an overall lead in the market, but their share has been fragmented due to the varying existing versions floating around. IE9 is the 2nd most popular browser, with IE8 in 4th and IE7 coming in at 9th. Thankfully IE6 doesn’t even rate a mention in the data.
  2. Google Chrome is the top ranking browser. This is aided by their “silent” updates which will bring a user up to the latest version automatically. This reduces the amount of older versions floating around dramatically.
  3. We love iPads. Australian’s have been amongst the biggest adopters of Apple’s tablet, and as a result, Safari for iPad is the 6 most popular browser. Consider this a BIG wake-up call to any websites out there with Flash content.

Australian Browser Usage

Worldwide Browser Usage

Looking at the Analytics on our own website,, IE and Firefox are by far the most popular browsers used by visitors. They have a 37% and 31% share respectively, with Safari (18%) and Chrome (11%) lagging behind quite dramatically.

At Sydney’s WEB105, all of our websites are cross-browser checked before launch and are built to the latest standards. We always recommend that our users update their browsers to the latest version to get the most out of the websites they visit.

An interesting read all up, to see Pingdom’s entire article, including the worldwide statistics, click here.

Which browser do you use and why? Vote in our Facebook poll here.

Do you feel any particular brand loyalty to your current browser, or is it just what came with the computer?

Scott Wrigg
Studio Director

In case you’re wondering, this article was written and uploaded in Sydney using the World’s second favourite browser.